10 Ways to stay cool this summer without air con

10 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer Without Air Con

It seems to be just getting hotter and hotter each summer. And this one is no different.

And while turning on your air conditioner is the easiest way to stay cool, you may want to hold off due to rising power bills, or you simply may not have air con at home.

Here are 10 ways you can stay cool this summer without air con and beat the heat:

1. Get a fan
This may seem obvious, and it may not feel like it is really helping sometimes, but a fan can cool a room down and provide you with some relief.

2. Drink water
Water is essential to stay cool. Drink a glass often throughout the day and night to stay cooler. You can always spice it up a little by adding a mint leaf, an orange or lemon slice, or even a cucumber slice.

3. Ice packs
Use ice packs. You could place it behind your head (or anywhere else you are hot) or attach it (safely) to the back of your fan to get some cooler air flowing.

If you don’t have any ice packs, just use some ice cubes in a tea towel and plastic bag.

4. Wet t-shirt
Wet a tee and sit wherever there is a cool breeze (like in front of your fan).

5. Cold shower
Jump in a cold shower every so often to lower your temperature. Or do the same with a cold bath.

6. Get low
Hot air rises, so stay downstairs and low to the ground. If you have tiled floor, even better.

7. Windows
Close your blinds during the day and open them up with your windows at night.

8. Wear cotton
Cotton clothes breathe much better than artificial fabrics like polyester, and will keep you cool.

9. Turn it off
Everything you have that is powered creates heat. So turn off unused appliances and stay cool.

10. Eat cool
Stay away from hot and heavy foods, and use your oven less. Eat more salads and cold foods that require minimal cooking. Or use your microwave oven instead – it generates much less heat than an oven.

Have I missed any? Tell us how you stay cool.

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