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What The Big 4 Banks Own

The Big 4 Banks have been, over the last few years, buying up big in the name of expanding their market share within Australia. Don’t be fooled into banking with the Big 4 when you thought you were supporting another

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Could You Live On Just $20,000 Per Year?

Don’t think it is possible? Let us know in the comments below. I was looking at my budget yesterday and started thinking about how much I could strip away and how I could live cheaper. This was done from the

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Modern Living And Consumption

How much is enough? I have recently asked myself this very question. And I am not sure of the answer. I don’t think I have ever really over-consumed, but in this modern day we are all consumers of one sort

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Will You Be Spending Your Retirement Comfortably Or Just Modestly?

A couple looking to retire comfortably now needs $55,213 a year according to the ASFA (the peak body for Australia’s superannuation industry). Those seeking to live modestly will need $31,760 per year. A modest lifestyle is defined as only being

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Money Problems? 7 Ways To Reduce Your Money-Related Stress

This is part of the “Tip-A-Day” series of blog posts that showcase a new money-related tip each day of the week. Worrying about money is one of the biggest sources of stress for a lot of people, especially at this

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Emergency Fund – What Is It And How Much Do I Need?

We talk a lot on Personal Money about cutting costs and saving money, and one of the reasons we do this is so that you can start paying down your debt and making a better life for yourself. But what

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What Is Your Life Expectancy?

Got 5 minutes to spare and wondering how long you have to live? Check with this handy little life expectancy calculator. Just answer 6 questions and discover your life expectancy given your current lifestyle. Click the image below The best

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The Brown Bag Story

I was at a BBQ the other day and a friend of a friend mentioned how she had recently transformed her life. I was curious as a cat, so I wouldn’t let her go until I heard her entire story.

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PayPal To Bring Mobile-To-Mobile Payment System To Australia

It seems PayPal is figuring that mobile phones will be the next big payment method on Australian shores. They will be trialling a new system that will let people pay each other via their mobile phones simply by touching them

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