2 Ways To Earn Money With Very Little Effort (You Are Doing One Already)

2 Ways To Earn Money With Very Little Effort (You Are Doing One Already)

Watch your money grow over time.

Passive Income

Passive income means earning money without continually working hard for it. It is the holy grail of money-making, but it is not always easy to do.

If you look closely at people who have passive income streams you will realise they worked really hard to build these up. But there are 2 ways of earning passive income right now with little or no effort.

The first of these is something you are probably already doing, and the second is so easy that everyone should be doing it.

Saving Money

When you place money into an interest-paying bank account you are earning money from the interest that it pays. And that interest in compounding. This means you will be earning interest on any past interest you have earned. This interest is your passive income.

You didn’t do anything to earn it, except place it in the savings account (something you can do automatically).

Saving on Interest

If you have a mortgage and the interest rate drops, but you continue to pay the same amount, it means that you will pay off the loan quicker – saving you money in the long run. The same is true if you switch your mortgage to a financial institution with a lower interest rate. You save money.

So, by simply switching your mortgage from one lender to another with a lower interest rate, you save money, and therefore have more. You are effectively earning more by paying less on your loan.


While not obvious, these are two of the easiest ways you can earn more money without any on-going work. Do you know of any others? We would love to hear about it!

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