An Awesome Credit Union Story

An Awesome Credit Union Story

I read this over on the St Louis Post-Dispatch website, and thought how awesome social media and credit unions are (although I am biased on both of these).

It’s all about how an envelope full of money got reunited with its owner who had lost it – all thanks to the awesomeness of one credit union employee.

Social Media Helps Reunite Vantage Credit Union Member With Lost Cash

ST. LOUIS – Tuesday night, Vantage Credit Union received a message from a man named Jonathon Glueck on their Facebook page. “I found a large amount of cash in one of your credit union envelopes,” he wrote from New York City. “If there is any way to reach out to whomever left it – I will be in the city until Saturday and want to give it back to them.”

Wednesday morning, Jenn Cloud, Vantage Credit Union’s Social Media Specialist, began sharing this message through Facebook, Twitter and through other local media to see if they could find the member and restore their cash to them. She received an email from the NYC restaurant where the cash was found saying a woman named Jennie Guenzler had just called and asked about it.

Via Cloud, Guenzler reached Glueck by phone during a break in his internship training and they met up after he was finished. All the cash, almost $1,000, was still in the Vantage envelope. Guenzler insisted on rewarding him for his noble act.

“I’m not sure I am comfortable with any recognition for this. I’m from a small town and this is kind of expected,” said Glueck.

But Guenzler disagreed. “Of all the hands it could’ve fallen into, this was just an honest, good person,” she said. “It’s just one of those stories that you’ll always have to tell.”

“It’s hard enough when you lose your credit or debit card but there are ways to minimize any monetary losses by calling right away to report it. But to lose actual cash, that’s heartbreaking,” said Kathy Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at Vantage. “For us it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack but we were very happy to be able to connect her to Mr. Glueck and help her regain her lost money.”

Love to hear your thoughts on this one. How amazing is it? :)

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