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Is Motherhood selfish or selfless?

This article is by staff writer Amanda. So my eldest child went to camp for the first time today. He has been away from home before, but he has only ever been in the care of family – except for

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Do you really need a car?

Owning a car is seen as an Australian dream – a rite of passage that every teenager experiences. But does it need to be that way? Do young people in Australia need to own a car? There are a lot

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10 Ways to stay cool this summer without air con

It seems to be just getting hotter and hotter each summer. And this one is no different. And while turning on your air conditioner is the easiest way to stay cool, you may want to hold off due to rising

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Ease your cost of living pressures easily

Cost of living pressures are affecting a great number of people these days. Between increasing electricity costs (around 22% in Queensland), rising council rates, and growing food prices, it can be a struggle to make ends meet. You can alleviate

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How to stop worrying about money and go outside and play in 3 easy steps

Instead of worrying about money or trying to strike it rich with a big lotto win, you should be a little focused getting back to basics. Here is a 3-step alternative to writing up budgets and gambling with your money.

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Start a business from home

Have you ever thought about being your own boss? It can be an intoxicating thought – not taking orders from anyone, setting your own hours, and creating something special. Most people see starting your own business as an all-or-nothing proposition,

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5 Things You Never Used To Pay For

A recent article by George Negus about the difference between cost of living pressures and cost of lifestyle pressures on Australians got me thinking about what we pay for now that our parents, or even our younger selves, never did.

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Pay Your Bills On Time – Every Time

It has happened to all of us at one time or another – you finally get your finances sorted and a bill that you had forgotten about arrives and you have to wait until past the due date to pay

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An Awesome Credit Union Story

I read this over on the St Louis Post-Dispatch website, and thought how awesome social media and credit unions are (although I am biased on both of these). It’s all about how an envelope full of money got reunited with

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Getting a Second Job – Is It Worth It?

One way of earning more money is to get a second job. But is it as simple as it sounds, and is it worth doing? We find out. Usually when you are thinking about getting a second job it’s because

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