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7 Reasons to get out of debt (and 4 ways to get it done)

While debt can be a part of life for most people, there are both good and bad forms of debt. No-one really likes having debt, but knowing the different types and how to manage them may save you money and

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5 Extreme ways to reduce your debt

Personal debt is a serious problem for some people. And a serious problem sometimes needs an extreme solution. While these 5 ways to help you reduce your debt levels may not be for everyone, they could go a long way

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In debt? Use this proven method for eliminating your debt

No-one likes Debt. It’s debilitating, can be difficult to shake and, in extreme cases, it can lead to bankruptcy. But there is a way you can rid yourself of your toxic debt and be financial independent again. And best of

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Interest Rates Have Been Cut – What Will You Do With The Money?

Official interest rates have dropped again, and with most financial institutions (including Queenslanders) dropping their rates in step, the question is what will you be doing with the extra money this will likely give you? For a lot of people

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Free Money To Pay Off Your Debt

Every year all of us receive free money we either never expected or never think about. You could put this money to good use paying off your debts and save yourself, or even earn more. So what is this mystery

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3 Steps To Get Out Of Debt

Most people struggle with debt from time to time, but there are just 3 simple steps in conquering it forever: Stop acquiring new debt This is self-explanatory – you need to stop using your credit card and cancel any unnecessary

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Money Problems? 7 Ways To Reduce Your Money-Related Stress

This is part of the “Tip-A-Day” series of blog posts that showcase a new money-related tip each day of the week. Worrying about money is one of the biggest sources of stress for a lot of people, especially at this

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Buying A Car – Best Practice

Most people get excited about buying a car – and for good reason – but like many major purchases, there is a lot to think about when buying your new car: the make, the model, the fuel efficiency, even the

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