How To Save $10,000 Every Year On Petrol

  • You need to start curbing your petrol consumption
  • Ways you can slash your annual petrol bill
  • Big savings are possible

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How To Save $10,000 Every Year On Petrol

No-one is doubting that petrol prices are on the rise, and will only get more expensive in the future. To stay on the road, and within budget, you will have to start thinking of ways of reducing your petrol consumption.

While there are a myriad of ways to do this, I have outlined several here that have the potential to save you thousands each year!

Ways to Slash Your Annual Petrol Bill

Fuel-Efficient Cars

When you are shopping around for a new car, buy the most fuel-efficient model you can afford. The Australian government has a handy website that lets you see which cars are the most fuel-efficient.

Is the Trip Necessary?

You should ask yourself if taking the trip is really neccessary. If you are driving somehwere just because you are bored, for example, maybe you can think of something to do that doesn’t involve using the car.

Car Alternatives

Have you thought about walking, riding a bike or catching public transport to get somewhere? Or even car pooling with work colleagues? This is a big one! You could save $8,500 per year by losing that second car and riding a bike instead.


Get your car regularly serviced – poorly serviced cars have very poor fuel consumption. Which could cost you hundreds of dollars per year.

Limit Air Con

Limit the use of your car’s air conditioner. Open a window instead if you are feeling a little warm. Or rug up if you are a little cold.

Shopping Dockets

Use shopping dockets, but do so only if they are convenient. If you are buying more stuff just to get them or travelling too far out of your way to use them, then these extra costs will outweigh any potential savings.

Petrol Cycles

Look out for cheaper days to fill up. Traditionally, Tuedays were the cheapest days, but over the last year this has changed significantly. Use a website like Motor Mouth to find where the cheapest petrol is located.

Car Share

The best way to have a car could be not own one at all! GoGet allows you to car share and only pay a fraction of the cost of actually owning a car yet still have one when you need it.

And in Brisbane, you can even use your public service GoCard for payment.

Big Savings Are Possible

All of these tips can and will save you money at the bowser, but you do have to make an effort and be conscious of what you are spending.

While this article boasts a large saving, the savings you make will greatly depend on how much you use you car now, how many of the above suggestions you use, and how diligent you are at following them.

Now, over to you – what other petrol saving tips do you have?

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