One Big Switch – worth the effort?

This is the follow up to One Big Switch – Is It Worth It?

One Big Switch – Worth The Effort?

So One Big Switch has finally given over 60,000 Queenslanders their “fair go” on energy prices. Or has it?

The big deal

The deal consists of an apparent saving of $240 on the coming year’s power bill for the “average” family of four.

This is made up of a $100 rebate off your first bill, plus a 7% discount on electricity usage for those making the switch. But, as we will see a little later, this isn’t all that special a deal.

Before we get to that however, let’s look at the deal in some detail.

The deal details:

  • The $100 in rebates is split into two: $50 off your first bill + $50 after 1 year
  • The 7% discount is only applicable if you pay on time (within 5 days of receiving a bill) and is off the total of the bill – meaning if you receive solar rebates the discount only applies to any amount left over, not on the entire amount of the power you used
  • The optional “smooth payment plan” means you get a bill for $50 each month, for the first two months, and then pay the remainder in the third month. I am assuming here that if you are late on any of these payments you would lose your 7% discount – now you have 3-times the risk of accidentally paying late (especially given the 5-day payment period)
  • The $240 saving they mention in the headline is based on a family using 6,100kWh on Tariff 11 (a bill of $1995 over 3 months), but this is only in the first year – after that the rebate disappears
  • Solar customers get an additional 10 cents feed-in over what the government supplies.

Who is Click Energy?

But what about the company itself? Who is this Click Energy? And how good are they?

One Big Switch mentions Click Energy is “one of the fastest-growing electricity retailers in Australia.”

This doesn’t necessarily make them good – just fast growing. Also, “one of” – how many are there? But putting those descriptions aside, let’s see what we can find out about Click Energy.

It doesn’t take long to find some reviews of Click Energy online, and the reviews are not all that glowing.

The website Product Review gives them 1.7 star (out of 5) with 53 reviews. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Most of the complaints I read were around poor customer service and lack of knowledge from staff. I won’t go into details here, but you can read the reviews for yourself.

Really a big deal?

Having a look at Click Energy’s current plans I am at a loss to see what makes this One Big Switch offer that special.

You can receive the 7% discount as standard on Click Energy’s Click Easy and Quick Click plans. In addition, you also receive a $50 rebate when you sign up.

With the Click Shine (solar) plan you also receive the 10 cent bonus feed-in tariff.

So, basically the advantage of signing up to the One Big Switch offer boils down to an extra $50 rebate off your bill for the first year, $25 of which you only receive after 12 months.

All this fuss and bother for $50 extra for the first year? I will leave it up to you to decide if it was worth signing up.

If you are one of the people who switched and have decided against doing so, remember you do get a 10 day cooling off period.

What do you think about the One Big Switch offer?

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4 comments on “One Big Switch – worth the effort?
  1. Grumpy Karen says:

    Well our first actual bill is a solar rebate for a 5kw installation(a few inconveniences on the first two months), but it looks really really good, must be wrong???

  2. Russell Allert says:

    Did you make the switch as part of the deal, Karen? If so, how are you finding Click Energy?

  3. Grumpy Karen says:

    Russell, we did the switch like a whole lot of people in Brisbane. I can never work the fees and charges out, maybe it was just a VERY sunny 3 months. The 50.oo bill for two months is a pain for us credit people but oh well. We got a 50.oo credit and paid one more 50.00. The staff have been very help full and contactable!. It is by far the biggest rebate we have had. No lock in contract and it looks all correct after the three months. We leave 100.00 in credit to cover the debit payments, but get it back in the bill. All you ask is no worries or problems ie loosing your big credit payment somewhere. We chose click because they gave us the biggest feed in tarriff. So ….we’re in the money do da de da do!!!!!

    Cheers Karen

  4. Russell Allert says:

    Thanks for the follow up comment, Karen.

    I am really glad you are liking your new electricity supplier, and everything is going well with it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. :)


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