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How to reduce or eliminate your bills

Bills are expensive. And they seem to get worse each month. Personally, they account for about 20% of my total income. That’s one dollar in every five which goes towards a bill. That’s too much! Your say: What percentage of

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Do you really need a car?

Owning a car is seen as an Australian dream – a rite of passage that every teenager experiences. But does it need to be that way? Do young people in Australia need to own a car? There are a lot

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3 Compelling reasons to become a switcher

This is a guest post by Kerry Lotzof, money expert from financial comparison website The world of banking is changing, rapidly. Online research and easy comparisons that help consumers quickly find the best deals are turning the dynamic of

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7 Quick ways to have more money for Christmas

Christmas is expensive. If you are not careful you can end up with a large credit card bill you spend the next year paying off. This is not a good way to enjoy the Festive Season. One way to overcome

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Ease your cost of living pressures easily

Cost of living pressures are affecting a great number of people these days. Between increasing electricity costs (around 22% in Queensland), rising council rates, and growing food prices, it can be a struggle to make ends meet. You can alleviate

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Buy your dream home by choosing the right mortgage

Choosing your new home is never an easy process. You may be buying your first home, moving into a bigger property, or even deciding to downsize – no matter what new home you are looking for, price is a major

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One Big Switch – worth the effort?

This is the follow up to One Big Switch – Is It Worth It? So One Big Switch has finally given over 60,000 Queenslanders their “fair go” on energy prices. Or has it? The big deal The deal consists of

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How to be $100 richer by Friday

Want money for a big weekend? Or maybe you need it to pay a bill next week. Or you may just want to start saving more. No matter what you want it for, if you follow what’s written below you

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Saving Money With 3 Meals A Day

Saving can be difficult, but it is sometimes a necessity (like saving for your house deposit). Every time you sit down for a meal there are savings to be had. This post aims to show you how you can saving

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5 Things You Never Used To Pay For

A recent article by George Negus about the difference between cost of living pressures and cost of lifestyle pressures on Australians got me thinking about what we pay for now that our parents, or even our younger selves, never did.

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